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4th July 2022 
The Babies. Lucas

Baby L was conceived after 2 months of Acupuncture. Mum had Acupuncture during the entire pregnancy. Of the birth, Mum says "Your treatments have definitely made the world of difference as midwives said it was like my second or third time! I am very grateful for all your help"

The Babies. IslaNyle3

Babies I and N were born after an IVF cycle. Mum says "At each appointment, the Acupuncture was carefully tailored to the particular IVF step I was undertaking that week. This is where Carole's knowledge and eperience came into its own"

The Babies. Isabella2

Baby I was conceived after 4 months treatment. Mum had Acupuncture during the entire pregnancy

The Babies. Isabella

Mum came for treatment at 27 weeks. Mum was suffering from sciatica and carpal tunnel syndrome. Towards the end, Mum developped pregnancy induced hypertention.Mum had regular Acupuncture treatment until until Baby I arrived in January 2014.

The Babies. Violet4

Baby V was born after the second round of IVF treatment. Mum had Acupuncture while having IVF treatment and then at week 36 to prepare for labour. Baby V was born in April 14.

The Babies. Amelie4

Baby A was conceived naturally after two month of treatment. Mum came back at week 36 for pre-labor treatment and Baby A was born in October 14.

The Babies. Emily Isla 3

Babies E & I were born in November 2014 after a round of IVF. Mum had Acupuncture during the entire IVF treatment.

The Babies. Seren

Baby S was born in November 2014. Mum had Acupuncture for 5 months before conceiving naturally.

The Babies. Mandy

Mum came for Acupuncture after suffering from 5 miscarriages. Following tests, it was decided that Mum should do IVF due to genetic issues. Mum fell pregnant after the second round of IVF. She had Acupuncture during the 2 cycles until week 12 of her pregnacy when she moved away. This is what Mum said "We cannot thank you enough for all your support physically and (more importantly) emotionally in making our dream come true and for helping us complete our family. It's like a dream come true and I can't believe how truly blessed we are".

The Babies. BabyJAnnaT

Mum came for Acupuncture as she had suffered 3 miscarriages and one round of failed IVF. Mum had been diagnosed with Celiac condition 7 years prior. Mum went through another failed IVF round. We had a talk about incorporating Chinese herbs with the Acupuncture. I worked in collaboration with a colleague of mine. Mum fell pregnant naturally within 4 months. Baby J arrived in January 16.

The Babies. BabyLVanessa Reeves1

Mum came for Acupuncture for birth preparation. Baby L was born in September 2016. This is what Mum had to say: " Baby L was born Monday@3am, 7lb natural labour. labour was very quick. Contraction started Sunday afternoon and progressed rapidly. I think Acupuncture helped lot with that. I hypnobirthe'd at home for the early stages and arrived at the hospital fully dilated. L arrived 30 mins later!
Many thanks for your help. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you.

The Babies. BabyJCavita

I started treating Mum in July 2015. Mum had a few medical procedures done before starting IVF. Acupuncture was administered during the entire IVF cycle. Baby J was born in December 2016.